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Jamie is a brilliant web designer, plain and simple. She took my original underwhelming website, and created a site that FAR EXCEEDED my expectations!!! She added things I didn't even know I needed, until I saw them there. From "learn more" buttons to boosting SEOs, Jamie has you covered. Jamie listens to her clients and is beyond thorough. She is extremely efficient but makes sure to take her time to present final product that is outstanding. She spends time going through a teaching session to ensure her clients understand how their new website will run, although I could never do the work she does, so I will leave my site to be managed by her capable hands. In a nutshell, Jamie should be your go-to for any web design needs! Ronni Baron


Ronni B., NJ

"We hired Jamie to completely redo our company website from scratch as our other website was outdated and not mobile-friendly. We had multiple conversations with a handful of other website developers. Jamie came recommended to us on a “mom Facebook group page.”  These raving reviews were hard to ignore, so we interviewed Jamie in the process!! To say we were impressed is an understatement. Her professionalism, knowledge of the process, openness, and transparency are refreshing!! We hired her and allowed Jamie to lead the way. To be honest, we were not “easy”. We are an opinionated bunch. :) We had a lot of expectations and tend to micromanage. Jamie has the ability to take the lead but handle many different personalities. Jamie is efficient, a fast worker, savvy in all facets of website development, and able to handle tough personalities. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new website. It is fresh, modern, eye-catching, and easy to navigate. She took our recommendations into consideration and doesn’t take anything personally.  We highly recommend Jamie for your next website!! You won’t be sorry!! "


Melissa C., NY

"I can’t say enough good things about working with Jamie to build and launch my stunning floral photography website! I was uniquely impressed with Jamie’s knowledge, organization, and professionalism from our very first conversation. She walked me through the process with such thoughtfulness, creativity and responsiveness, ensuring that all my goals were achieved - even teaching me to manage my site after completion. Jamie is an extraordinary, whip-smart young woman and working with her was such a pleasure. I already miss our interactions and the enthusiasm she brought to my project as if it was her own. I highly recommend Jamie to anyone looking to tell their story through her exceptional talents."

Lisa S., TX

"I found Jamie to be ultraprofessional, extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and FAST! I must admit, I was a bit overwhelmed at first being so non-technical. Fortunately, I didn't need to be as Jamie took the reigns and ran with it. Our goal was to launch the website around mid-June, but we were exactly one week ahead of schedule! Jamie is young and is that rare type of person that every once in a while you meet whom you know will be a leader in her community and will be a huge success in life. I've LOVED getting to know her, working with her, and ultimately will be forever grateful for her expertise!"


Dana E., TX

"Jamie is absolutely amazing! We are so pleased with our new website and she has been so helpful during the entire process. Jamie meets deadlines and provided us with excellent service. We highly recommend Jamie! She has been so helpful and its been a great partnership and we are excited to continue working with her in the future. Our website has grown since first collaborating with Jamie and she's made several modifications and adjustments and has very reasonable rates."

Annalisa S., FL

"I needed someone to do my website, and I was referred to Jamie by someone who had used her, and upon seeing the work she did for them, I knew I had to hire her. And I couldn't be happier that I did. She was absolutely fantastic! She was such a hard worker, and so professional. She stayed on top of the work more diligently than I could ever imagine... surpassing all of my expectations. She added intricate, interactive material to my website, that I didn't even think was possible. She was so pleasant to deal with and to go over ideas and thoughts. Her creativity made the site one I could be proud of, which draws a ton of traffic. Thank you, Jamie!!"

David K., NY

"Working with Jamie Cohen to recreate our website couldn’t have been easier!  She is smart, creative, and very patient. Jamie took the time to listen to our needs and quickly understood our vision. She is detail-oriented and efficient. I was shocked at how quickly the new site was up and running! I would highly recommend working with Jamie. You won’t be disappointed!"


Sloane B., NY,

"WOW!  All I can say is how incredibly impressive Jamie's skill set, communication, and response time has been.  She has been a true pleasure to work with.  I anticipated this task of creating our website to be stressful and annoying and Jamie made it the complete opposite!  I would highly recommend her services!"


Michelle S., FL

"​OUTSTANDING!!  I am so thoroughly impressed with Jamie and her knowledge, skills, creativity, and professionalism!  It was such a positive experience, and I'm absolutely thrilled with the final product.   She is super easy to work with and really puts her heart and soul into every step of the process.  I highly recommend Jamie."


Illyce B., FL

"Jamie was awesome to work with! She brought our vision to life for Tie Dye By Sam’s website, working flawlessly on every aspect from design and execution to launch. Jamie is extremely knowledgeable about web design and search engine optimization and spent the time to help me understand all of this and manage the website on my own. Jamie is extremely professional and hard-working. She met all deadlines and ensured we stayed on track throughout the web design process. I would definitely recommend Jamie for anyone looking for web design support."

Samantha T., MD

I'm a 62 year old well traveled person and experienced in business but with the covid phenomena and millions working from home, I jumped into The fray. I'm a licensed CPI and cryptocurrency investor/ researcher but with all that being said I never had my own website. I didn't know the first thing about building one. I grew up doing business face-to-face so one of my colleagues and clients daughter, who is Jamie Cohen, said she could come in and save the Day and that's exactly what she did. Jamie explained in detail and carried it to fruition and I now have a way to market my business from home or anywhere. I was impressed that someone so young was that poised and professional and proficient. This young lady is going places and you can believe me on that

Rich W., TN

"I chose Jamie because I read a previous review that she was patient. I knew I didn't know much at all about websites, but I had a great idea. I just needed someone who could make that idea come to life! She was so patient and didn't make me feel bad when I had to have her explain to me on a level I could understand. She is very knowledgeable! She brought my ideas to life. Now I have something I am proud of. I felt she was trustworthy and dependable too! I would definitely recommend her and I will use her again if I need help with my SEO..."

Jenny M., AL

"Jamie was incredible to work with. Her dedication and passion for web design is unsurpassed. Jamie is so creative and patient. She was able to see my vision and designed an amazing website for me. Jamie far exceeded my expectations and I look forward to working with her again in the future."

Debbie R., NY

"Jamie was very professional. Got what I needed to be done quickly. I had her SEO my website for my massage therapy business and I started noticing an uptick the very next week. My calls increased, my phone was ringing off the hook, and people were looking ahead in the future instead of just wanting last-minute appointments which made my day easier. Jamie paid for herself very quickly and I am able to expand my business sooner than I was expecting. Thank you so much!"


Jennifer S., FL

“Words can’t describe the gratitude I have for Jamie. She was so helpful and not only listened to what I wanted for my portfolio website but accomplished and designed it better than I could have dreamed off. I could honestly say she is a key factor in why I am getting into college. She was always responsive and I highly recommend her for anything”

Shayna D., FL

"Jamie is talented, knowledgeable, and driven. She created a beautiful website for me and was able to talk me through each step of the way. Her patience and organization made a challenging process very simple and pleasurable."


Michelle H., NY

Jamie was great to work with, she’s creative and most of all patient. She understood what we needed and were trying to accomplish with our website. I would highly recommend Jamie. Good experience!

Marty S., FL

"I recently worked with Jamie on setting up a user-friendly, eye-catching online marketplace for a non-profit. She has superior skills, great ideas, and is very responsive! She works quickly and very well, and always goes the extra mile. I highly recommend her!"


Mireille B., TX

"Jamie designed my website for my private practice and she did a stellar job. Her communication skills and her knowledge exceeded my expectations. I get compliments all of the time for my professional yet user friendly website. I highly recommend Jamie is you want someone who is creative and efficient!"


Tracy S., NY

"What a great find. Jamie is  a delight to work with. She is creative and patient.  She always makes herself available to discuss and implement any changes we need to address. We have used her on several projects and we couldn’t be happier!!!"


Kim K., NY

"Jamie has exceeded our expectations. Not only has she created our professional website, but she has helped grow our business. We are thankful for all of her hard work and dedication."


Amir H., NY

"Jamie impressed me from the start. Her knowledge and talent went well beyond my expectations. If you are looking for a website designer, I highly recommend her."

Robyn S., FL

"Fast service and on target! Jamie understands what is needed and cuts to the chase and gets in done on time and on budget."


Jack T., RI

"It was a pleasure to work with Jamie; she is knowledgeable and responsive. I recommend working with her 100%!"

Megan J., TX

"Easy to work with and got the job done quick. Honest and Great pricing. Very accommodating and exceeded my expectations."

Bill L., FL

"I found Jamie to be very professional in assisting me with my website and completed the work in the time frame agreed upon. I highly recommend her to others and would use her again for future projects."

Lynda C., CA

"I have no experience in designing a website/creating one, I tried on my own and lets just say it was a disaster. Todays website are all different and unique with a style to fit every individual's needs I couldn't be more happy with the outcome of my page, Jamie took the time and listen to my needs, understood and taught me what it takes for a website and even when i changed my thought she was very understanding didn't feel any hold backs with letting her know what id like. I highly recommend Jamie and will be using her in the future you will not be disappointed with how well managed she is and will help create the site of your desire with her skills!"

Ana R., WA

"Jamie was very helpful and accessible. She created a beautiful website for us and helped us with each step of the way. Working with her was easy and stress free. She is still available to help us when small things come up. We would definitely use her again."

Jennifer C., TX

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