The Original Doozie

May 2020

The Original Doozie™ is a Dallas, Texas based sandwich company run by two first cousins, Dana & Wendy. Dana Eisenberg and Wendy Horowitz craved their Great, Great Aunt Bertha's Doozie sandwich, made around 50 years ago. It consists of thin layers of freshly baked and beautifully marbled rye bread. Between each layer of bread, lies a layer of the finest cheese and deli meats. Then comes the most important part: Aunt Bertha’s delicious secret sauce which rounds out this mouthwatering creation! Dana & Wendy are thrilled to bring The Original Doozie™ back to Dallas!

I created and developed this website on Squarespace. We embedded an order form, so customers could easily purchase the delicious sandwich. This website features the story of how The Original Doozie™ came to be, gallery, reviews, and an simple way to order for pickup or delivery!

The Original Doozie
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