A Million Scents

Feb 2021

A Million Scents, LLC, is a luxury, soy candle company. These environmentally-friendly, animal-safe candles are sold on Millie Aponte's e-commerce store. A Million Scents was created through a combination of a love for candles and a dedication to bring back a natural touch to our chemical filled planet. They use only 100% natural soy wax, non-hazardous fragrance oils, and essential oils. Research shows that soy wax is safer for you and your animals to breathe compared to other traditional waxes. A.M.S. is dedicated to bringing you clean, quality products.

I created and developed this e-commerce website on Wix. The home page is anchor style, displaying the benefits of soy wax candles and the about us section. The design is classy, with lowercase headings, and an elegant font and color scheme.

A Million Scents
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